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slow down, summa!

carla fahden

Do you ever just wanna be like "Yo, SUMMER, why

don't you slow the eff down"?

Summer is sadly flying by for the Fahdens. Jack and I were supposed to be able to spend this past weekend together before he left for San Diego... but sadly his trip got bumped up and he had to leave Thursday (for NINE DAYS!). When he returns, we have like two nights together and then I leave for NYC. And then we are booked every single weekend until mid-September... cray cray!

So, yeah, I flew solo this weekend here at the homestead. Usually on Saturday mornings, Jack and I walk around the house with our coffee and daydream about how great it's gonna be when (if) it gets finished. We even bring stools upstairs so we have somewhere to sit (amongst all the extension cords and rubble) and we gaze into each other's eyes and whisper sweet nothings. Just kidding. We don't do that. We gaze out the newly installed picture window (which faces Lake Minnetonka) and shoot the shit.

Even though I was a Lonely Laverne this weekend, I did do a couple of fun things. I sat in the little claw foot tub (fully clothed because it's coated in weird dust and crap) upstairs and drank my coffee and enjoyed the trees outside (kinda like the sexy lady on the pillow below). And I took the pups to the nature preserve across the road. And I got to see my old friend Jane who was in town from Cali. And I watched the season premiere of one of my favorite shows ever (Breaking Bad). Aaand, per usual, I perused the internets for pretty things I'd love to have but can't afford. Take a looksie-poo at the beauties below and have yerselves a great Monday!

1) flokati diamonds rug 2) lady in bath pillow 3) antique brass lamp 4) spalding sofa