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sleepy time, usa

carla fahden

Let's get one thing straight: I love to sleep. LOVE. IT. I have always been a sleeper and it's always been a struggle for me to wake up (I usually hit snooze no less than 6-7 times and then mutter a swear or two when I finally really have to get up). I've tried hypnosis CDs, putting my alarm across the room and all that jazz, but ain't nuthin' would get this girl up before the sun comes up. EXCEPT, my pretties, blogging!!! Yes, I have recently discovered that it is the one thing that actually makes me hop out of bed happily. This has been a great thing for me and I hope for you, too.

So now that I've shared that fun fact with you, let's take a look-see at some bedrooms I wouldn't mind spending 12+ hours in...

bedroom decor6
via apartmentthereapy

I f-ing LOVE THIS! I am a sucker for that wool camp blanket as we've had one in our family since I can remember. Love the mix of the rustic beat up headboard with the more polished, modern frame. And nothing makes you feel more safe and sound than a mounted carcass watching over you while you snooze.

bedroom decor5
via design crisis

This decor is so simple yet bright and graphic. I love the funAdler pillow and

the bold black stripes on the ceiling.

bedroom decor4
via designspirationsk

Pretty pretty. This is adorable and feminine and sunny and bright and a look that Jack would never let me get away with. Nonetheless, I love it for how imperfect it is and want that cute little stag on the night stand, stat.

bedroom decor3
via decoraology

I've always loved this Dwell fabric and here is a great example how a couple of window panels and a throw pillow can tie a whole room together. I also love the vintage chair and low hung mirror and... I can hear Rosy going to town on my slipper in the other room so hang on a sec...

bedroom decor2

via zsazdabellagio
For some reason I like to imagine that this room is miniature. Like, picture the teeny snazzy high heels being the size of Tic Tacs. And the gold bed is the size of a matchbox. See? I'm pretty sure this is where the Tooth Fairy resides.