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sleep tight

carla fahden

This isn't my first post about bedding and bedrooms, and it definitely won't be my last. Of all the rooms in a house, decorating the bedroom is my absolute favorite. Bedrooms just feel so personal and intimate and calm and inviting and serene and just all around WONDERFUL!

I am in the market for some new bedding for our master bedroom. The rest of the room is fairly neutral, so swapping in some fresh new sheets and a pretty duvet will give the room an instant makeover. Before I start looking for actual sheets and shams, I'm trolling the internets for some inspiring photos. Below are some of the beautiful bedrooms I have come across and love.

interior design blog | bedroom 1
Interior Design by Daniel Pafford

interior design blog | bedroom 2
Interior Design by Angel Dormer

interior design blog | bedroom 3
Interior Design by Lynn Nigro

interior design blog | bedroom 4
Interior Design by Laura Day

interior design blog | bedroom 5
Interior Design by Laurann Claridge

interior design blog | bedroom 6
Interior Design by Colleen Locke

interior design blog | decorating blog