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simple spaces

carla fahden

I think people tend to think that 'more is more' when it comes to decorating. I used to think this way myself and would fill a room with stuff just

to fill it. As I redecorate our home room by room, I've been trying to hold myself back from buying too many "little things." Since every single thing needs to have a purpose and be a perfect fit, it makes me think twice before ordering just any ol' throw pillow.

Below are some rooms I have come across that are all super simple. I am sure it took some major restraint on the decorators' parts to achieve this look, so hats off to them!
simple spaces
Via Remodelista
Ohhh so rustic and cozy. If you've been paying close attention to my posts lately, you will know that I am obsessed with vintage typewriters. This space reminds me of Chevy Chase's home office in Funny Farm (one of our family favorites).

simple spaces6
Via Myles Henry
I love me those Kitchen Aid mixers. Since I don't bake, we probably will never have one... but I sure like the way they look. I also love the utilitarian look of keeping your dishes on display (the hanging mugs/plates above).

simple spaces5
Via Remodelista
Fancy shmancy! Goodness gracious I just want to lay on that rug and take a snooze right now! This room is so feminine and serene. I love the mix of textures and the flood of natural light.

simple spaces4
Via Remodelista
Again, I like how the dishes are on display. Also loving the mix of the old school radio with the high-end stainless range and counters.

simple spaces2
Via Style Files
Yes! Now I know what to do with the antlers I purchased off of Etsy (that is one purchase I don't think Jack will ever understand). Hanging them above the sink is a great idea since that space often remains untouched. I love how this kitchen is so spotless yet feels lived in as well.

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