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schoolhouse rock

carla fahden

I have been on a mad hunt for lighting lately. Every single sconce, flush mount and pendant in our new house is comin' out. They're all big box cheapies that

add absolutely zero to the space. After exhausting all of my usual sources, I asked my friend Quinn if she had any suggestions. She also just bought a new pad so she's in the same boat.

Well leave it to Quinn and her impeccable taste to recommend a killer website I had never heard of. I'm talking about Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, bitches! Man oh man, I am in LOVE with their lighting options. AND they have lots of fun furniture and accessories. Everything is so simple, understated and has a throwback feel which is just puuurfect.

Speaking of cats, this little island I'm on for the next couple days has cute little stray kitties that pop out here and there. There was an especially adorable little calico lingering outside my hotel room when I arrived. I had to do everything in my power to stop myself from scooping it up and bringing him into my room for the night. K. That was random. So anyway, here are some faves from Schoolhouse:

throwback lighting and homedecorall images via schoolhouse electric & supply co