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rustic + right

carla fahden

Jack and I have this new game (or rather, a means to keep our sanity). It's called "Bad News/Good News." It's quite easy, let me tell you, to wake up and start bitching about the crew forgetting to turn the gas back on (no hot water means I didn't shower on Monday, folks) or the fact that the reverse osmosis faucet was installed wrong (coffee made with non-filtered well water ain't too tastey) ooooooor how one of the new toilets just decided to stop flushing. Yes, it's very easy to wake up and start bitching. But we've started negating every bad thing with a good thing and it's really helping. Wanna hear some good (great) things?

1. New kitchen counters were installed! Boom. No more frickin' charred. melted, plasticy counters because the Doughy Tards (our nickname for the previous owners) didn't know how to use their range.

2. Our rustic wood vanity with vessel sink was installed in the master bath! I am going to be able to wash my face without having to stare into a sick-ass grime-coated sink with hair caked around the drain!

3. Trim, casing and crown molding is complete! I love how everything instantly looks consistent and classic. Once the painter is done spraying everything a nice crisp white (Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace), it's really gonna sing.

BONUS: I am deeply, madly in LOVE with living in the woods. This sounds cheesy but my soul really feels complete living on this land where we are surrounded by trees, can't hear a single car and Fern + Rosy get to tear around after chipmunks, deer and (really cute) baby raccoons.

That concludes this edition of Bad News/Good News, now onto a little sumthin' sumthin' that I like to call... RUSTIC AND RIGHT!

In a small (like really, really small) way, I am happy that we haven't been able to ACTUALLY move into our new house yet (we live on the three season porch). Since getting the keys on MARCH 23 (OMG, almost four months ago!), we have not done a single ounce of painting, decorating or styling in any sort of way. All of our

belongings are at Jack's bro's or in our basement which has really forced us to get to know this big empty space (including the views) and realize what kind of decor is going to look best here.

The spaces below do a really great job of representing our end goal. We want this place to feel purposeful and well thought out, but really lived in, COMFORTABLE and personable. For as lousy as it's been tip-toeing around nails, breathing in dust and having to strategically get dressed in a corner every morning (so our team of werkers don't see my privates), it has been really f-ing awesome to daydream about what a wonderful home this is gonna be. I'm really pumped to start sharing pics with you SOON!

(I owe you a Snickers Ice Cream Bar if you actually read all that)

images via interiors porn