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rugs not hugs

carla fahden

I'm not big on hugs. Let's just get that out of the way right now. I am, however, big on rugs. Our kitchen update was finally complete a couple of months ago. I have been wanting to post photos, but have been on an endless search for the perfect rug and tea towels to make the room complete. I've been looking for something that is

relatively neutral, yet still interesting and unique. I know that doesn't sound too hard to find, but for some reason it is. Our walls our grey, appliances stainless, and everything else is white. So whatever I chose

is going to be somewhat of a focal point. Ahh, the pressure! So while I continue to search, I thought I'd share some of my top picks so far. (If you're ever trying to sell me a rug, photographing it with a dog will definitely help your cause.) redo photos2 Circle Fret Tufted Wool redo photos 1. Moroccan Medallian Rug 2. Grant Design Dark Gray 3. Ferris Rug 4. Plain Tin Charcoal Wool Micro Hooked 5. Diamond Black/Ivory 6. Windy Leaves Rug