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Round Up : Cute Clogs

carla fahden

I have always been a sucker for clogs. I distinctly remember wearing my first pair to 8th grade graduation paired with a red and white polka-dot dress. I've had many pairs over the years and, like my old-school Birks, have a bin of worn, broken in clogs from 10+ years ago.

Since I don't like tromping around the werkplace making a CLICK CLICK CLICK sound for the whole building to hear, I usually opt for flats. But some of these cuties below look like they may have a little rubber padding on the bottom to shush that annoying noise. Post-baby, I hope to invest in one or two pairs and sport them this fall with a chunky sweater and NON-ELASTIC WAIST JEANS (mentioned yesterday).

Here's a round up of all sorts of colors and heel-heights. Buy a pair, won't you? And I'll live vicariously for you for the next couple months.


1) weave high heel 2) crossover clog 3) open toe platform clog 4) old school clog 5) open  toe platform clog 6) front seam wedge 7) swedish has-beens 8) front weave clog 9) top weave clog 10) front seam sandal 11) swedish husband