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rosy's room

carla fahden

In ecstatic news, Jack and I finally get to welcome baby Rosy into our home next Saturday! That's right, our current goldendoodle, Miss Fern, is going to be a big sista! Rosy comes from the same breeder and is Fern's biological sissie, which means we're expecting her to be just as sweet and silly.

So of course this begs the question: How will we decorate Rosy's room!? Okay, maybe she isn't getting a WHOLE room.

But let's say she was. And let's say I had $500+ to spend on it. Below are the goodies I would deck it out with.

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(1) "Woof" Treat Jar, (2) Thomas Paul Indigo Octopus Throw, (3) Double Loops Fist Tug & Toss Rope Toy, (4) Hoot & Screech Owl, (5) Bed Cover, (6) White Compinibili Storage Units by Kartell, (7) Martha Stewart Pets Dog Bowl