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rooms of the rustic variety

carla fahden

Incase you just crawled out from under a rock, I have a fixation with rustic spaces. My parents live in a (renovated) cabin built in the late 1800s with the original logs still exposed - so maybe that's where my soft spot for the unrefined look comes from. I have this pipe dream where Jack and I move into the country (and eat a lot of peaches) and live in an old (un-haunted) farmhouse. I would spend my days sinking loads of money into fixing the joint up, Fern would run around with the bunnies and deer and Jack would just hang out and be his cute rugged self.

Aaaaaanyway, like I said, I am naturally drawn to this kind of look. The architecture and flooring in our house don't really lend themselves to the whole rustic-chic esthetic... so to get my fix I'll just keep ogling beautiful spaces like the ones below.

interior design blog | rustic 1

interior design blog | rustic 2

interior design blog | rustic 3

interior design blog | rustic 4

interior design blog | rustic 5

interior design blog | rustic 6
All images via Milk