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let's get romantical

carla fahden

Happy Heart Day, my friends! While I am used to Valentine's being a snowy cozy affair, I am off to sunny Miami for two days to shoot some Target Summer work. Before

I get packing I wanted to share a mix of items that I imagine Cupid has in

his pad. Can't you just see him gracefully landing in a pile of posh throw pillows and then snuggling under the classic Pendleton blankie with his sweetie?

Have a romantical Tuesday!

red desk, floral dinnerware, girly pillows, affordable decorating
1) jacquard blanket 2) gooseneck vintage

lamp 3) sissinghurst castle dinner plates 4) ikat throw pillow 5) pink + orange throw pillow 6) lucia pomegranate + redcurrant soap 7) desk 51 red 8) patched stripes napkin set