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reader question : : sofa steals

carla fahden

This has to be short and sweet as I gotta get my arse to

workie poo. About a week ago, Mrs./Mr. Anonymous requested a post on affordable sofas. I wasn't totally convinced I'd be able to find much, but after poking around for a bit I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of cute options I came across. I've included some larger loaf-around-eating-a-bag-of-cheetos type sofas as well as some more dainty, smaller settees.

If you need help sourcing a certain product, please ask meee! I'm always looking for content idears.

interior design blog | affordable sofas2
Melbourne Pillow Top Linen Settee, Swoop Upholstered Settee Loveseat Bench, Bristol Floral Pillow-Top Settee, Gray Sofa Bed, Vegas 3 Seat Sleeper Convertible Sofa

interior design blog | affordable sofas
Blake Sofa, Karlstad Sofa, Cyprus Luggage Sofa, Kivik Sofa, Blake Sectional