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reader question : : industrial decor

carla fahden

A college pal and fellow SLP-er is looking for some idears to

spruce his print shop Chux. He mentioned wanting to embrace the raw materials of the space while not spending too much. I found a bunch of inspiring industrial spaces below which do a great job of incorporating pops of color and quirky lighting to contrast the

abundance of grey metal. By simply spray painting an old metal bookshelf red or adding a homey element like a large plant, instantly a grubby shop can look decorated and cohesive.
As for sourcing large scale unique pieces, Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis is a goldmine. They have tons of huge alphabet letters and numbers, fun brightly colored school chairs and other oddities that will add an unexpected element of surprise to an industrial space.

Other great sources for vintage decor include these etsy shops:
+ lovintage finds
+ Tinker Lighting
+ Junkyard Lighting
+ urge studio

I look forward to walking Fernie over to Chuck's shop to see how it all comes together!
industrial interior design
industrial interior design2
industrial interior design7
industrial interior design5
industrial interior design4
industrial interior design8
industrial interior design6
industrial interior design3all images via Atelier 154