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reader question : : for the wee ones

carla fahden

I received an email the other day with a request for a post on kids' play rooms (yay! send your requests to me!!!). And since a lot of my readers are mums, it dawned on me that I should start doing more posts on spaces for the kiddie bops. I've been wanting to help my bro-in-law with his pad for a while since his two adorable little squirts keep him too busy to decorate. After seeing the spaces below I might just have to ambush

his house and get started.

Enjoy these playful pads!

interior design | kids rooms4

Interior Design by Lisa Sherry

The built in shelving is a genius way of mixing function and design. If the shelves were a tad bit deeper, you could even store toys and whatnot as well. The books look like artwork and provide the perfect pop of color and fun in an all-white room.

interior design | kids rooms9

Interior Design by Laura Day

This is a great way of embracing the oodles of photos you wanna display of your little ones. Cuz c'mon, a nice grid of gallery frames would not house enough snapshots, right? By framing the collage up with a thick turquoise border, it instantly becomes art. The white bed provides a nice break from

the busy rug, pillow and wall.

interior design | kids rooms8

Interior Design by Ashley Putman

'K. This is really just an adult room with some playful books and artwork. But I'm a sucker for sailboats and navy, so I had to share it. Moving on...

interior design | kids rooms6

Interior Design by Eileen Kathryn Boyd

There are so many cute stuffed animals out there these days, so no need to shove them into boxes or hide them when guests come over. I love how this get along gang is perched on display, basking in the sun, whispering "GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE AND CUDDLE WITH US!".

interior design | kids rooms5

Interior Design by Hilary Thomas

I love how this room balances all of the bright toys and clutter with sophisticated artwork and bedding. AND I USED TO HAVE THAT FARM SET!

interior design | kids rooms3

Interior Design by Lisa Sherry

Gorgeous. Not totally realistic, I know... but gorgeous.

interior design | kids rooms

And last but not least, here's a mix of some more functional rooms, complete with all the nooks and crannies you need to store all of your play things.

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