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reader question : : chairs on the cheap

carla fahden

Well everything is going just swimmingly over here at Doodle Central! Rosy and Fern are chasing each other around our big tree out back as we speak (in the dark, on the cold icy grass). Oh, you wanna hear more about Rosy? Well let's see, she's a total oinker (every morning she clutches the bottom of my bathrobe with her teeth as I prepare her brekkie), she has already mastered 'sit' at just 9 weeks thanks to the great example set by her older sister and she can't wait to romp around in the wilderness as we are celebrating a snowy Christmas at my parents' cabin starting tomorrow!

Onto our reader question (which I am getting lots of, thank you!): affordable chairs! You know who loves herself a well-priced chair? This gal. I thought I'd share a couple shots from our house to prove it.

interior design blog2

Here's the Madeline Chair from Urban Outfitters in our living room. This wasn't the first chair we purchased from their site and it won't be the last. Their pieces are stylish, well-made and look more expensive than they are. I've got a thing for chair legs (get your mind out of the gutter). I like them a

little worn, weathered and beat up, which most of the chair legs from UO are.
interior design blog

Here are some Eames-inspired chairs in our dining room that I ordered from Overstock. Unfortunately they are no longer available, but here are some similar ones. Overstock is a great source for furniture and all orders ship for a mere $2.95 and arrive at your doorstep within a couple of days.
interior design blog | affordable chairs

Madeline Chair, Taupe Twill Mid-Century Style Accent Chairs, Leni Lounge Chair, Swoop Upholstered Chair, Dolce Upholstered Accent Arm Chair, 1938 Leather Butterfly Chair

Lastly, here's a round up of more cheap chairs. I am actually reconsidering Jack's wish for a poker table in our basement just so I can deck it out with four of the Mid-Century Style AccentChairs. Frances, the Swoop Chair is for you. :)

Lastly lastly, here's a pic of our lil' spitfire.interior design blog3