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random spaces i love

carla fahden

Sometimes I wonder how many images my peepers see a day. Starting around 5:30/6am every day (I can't believe that after 32 years I'm actually a morning person now), I start scrolling through oodles of interior inspiration. Then, for the majority of my work day I am engrossed in either fashion imagery, print + pattern or other design. And THEN I usually end my night looking at my favorite blogs on the ol' iPad before zonking out. So yeah, that's a shit-ton of imagery. You'd think my dreams would be about pretty bathrooms and fashiony gals... but they usually consist of something like... uh... me birthing a cat-baby (much more normal).

Anyhoo, I've got sooo many inspiring spaces saved in my Evernote that I just don't know what to do with. Here are a few of my favoritos...

random spacesvia french by design

Whitewashed floors do something to me. I get all jittery and sweaty. This particular flooring is immaculate. I love pendants suspended by a long cord and those green chairs are the tops.

random spaces2via design for mankind

I'm pretty sure we've got another batch of whitewashed floors (even thought they look a little grey in this pic). Since I also love hardwood floors, I think it's the tits that this space has them ON THE CEILING - best of both worlds! That L bench looks like the perfect place for a group of pals to plop down and drink stiff cocktails and play chess (or Bananagrams).

random spaces3via fish food

Ha. I didn't even realize I had three spaces with whitewashed floors in this mix until now. So I am really pitting out as I write this. Loving the flood of natural light, the quirky old lamp and the retro school desk. Reminds me of being in grade school and the cute little esprit pencil case I kept stashed in my desk.

random spaces4via glam lamb

Just gorgeous. This shows what an impact wallpaper can have. If these walls were white, the mirror, sink and sconces wouldn't look so spesh. But with that glorious ikat wallpaper, each element in this space looks like fine art.

random spaces5via lena corwin

Um. Have I mentioned I like tribal rugs? Enough said.