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carla fahden

Today is ... spring cleaning day! Yawn. This was my first week at my new job and really the last thing I feel like doing today is cleaning the house. But if you could see our den right now, you'd agree that this sucker needs to get cleaned out (I'm currently perched on a swivel chair amidst random picture frames, breakable vases, stacks and stacks of magazines + books and at my feet is a broken alarm clock). This, my friends, is where I've been throwing all of the random junk in our house for the past few months (while the basement cellar woulda been a more logical choice, for some reason it got spared).

For the most part I am an OCD neat freak. I've usually got chaos going on in this brain of mine, so a clean space helps keep me sane (that's what all of the creative geniuses say, right?). So it's time to gut this room and have a fresh start. My plan is to turn this junk yard

into an awesome workspace decked out with loads of shelving, a light box, my big honking iMac and of course a cute rug, fancy desk, loads of wall art, lamps, etc.

So in spirit

of all the random junk I will be going through today, I put together a random mood board. No real rhyme or reason to this one other than I have had all of these goodies saved in my Evernote for some time. I actually purchased the cute little vintage painting a couple weeks back and it's hanging in our living room.

Happy Saturday!

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Felis Pendant with Copper Shade, French Vintage Original Acrylic Painting, Remix Blanket, Clock (no longer available - oops), Thomas Paul Imperial Horse Linen Pillow, Frank Pouffe, Pronghorn Wall Art (sold out - oops again)