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rain brain

carla fahden

I'm one snoozey sleepyhead today, child. We werked a long one yesterday and then did one of those New York dinners where you go out to eat at 9pm, putting you back at the hotel around midnight. All nice and liquored up. On a Monday.

Manhattan's looking like one dreary, drizzly, dark bitch today, but she wears it well. All the chicks are scurrying around in their chic little wellies, the businessmen are walking confidently with their slick black umbrellas and the yellow taxis provide the perfect pop of color against this rainy, grey day. I could really lay in this fluffy white bed and gaze out the drippy foggy window all day. No, really. I could. But I guess I need to roll my tired ass outta the sack and get going. So I'll leave you with these purdy pads from the Big Apple and I'll catch you back here tomorrow. Same time, same place.

images via mix and chic