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purdy kitchens

carla fahden

Word up! It's Friday. And I've got a fun one planned. Over the lunch hour I'll be zipping around peeking at bathroom fixtures, white-washed wood flooring (yes!) and new crown molding/baseboards for the new casa. Then I'm meeting up with my gal pal Michelle for dranks later tonight. Ain't nuthin' wrong with that.

But there IS sumthin' wrong with the factthat Jack is leaving for a five day snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe with his buds and I am left to pack, make Goodwill runs and pull my hair out all weekend (although, I guess in his defense, this trip was planned long before we decided we were moving). At least my sweet sissie KK has agreed to lend a hand.

Have a good weekend, friends. And enjoy these purdy kitchens.

via lonny

Oh, by the way, my bloggie is undergoing a baby facelift so if there are random design elements floating around on the page today, ignore them. My super-awesome web programmer pal is werkin' on it.