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puppet pals

carla fahden

Ummm... okay, this is

kind of the cutest thing I have ever seen (except Fern and Rosy staring at me in sheer terror Monday night as I ran on the treadmill for the first time in over two years).

Lazy Animals is a little shop based out of Israel that makes these adorable teeny tiny hand felted finger puppets. I would say that these would make a perfect gift for the wee ones in your life but based on my gift-giving experience with my five year old niece and three year old nephew, they would much rather get a $5 Spiderman toy or a gaudy Monster High doll (have you seen those slutty chicks!?) over something crafty and handmade.

But you know who these would make a good gift for? Um, ME. I would use them to wake Jack up in the morning, I would use them for story hour with Fern and Rosy and I'd definitely kick back on the sofa and watch The Bachelor with them.

I hope you have a rip roaring time this

weekend and I'll catch ya back here on Monday.

finger puppets via lazy animals