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pretty places

carla fahden

Gah. These spaces seriously get my heartbeat going. Who needs exercise when you can stare at interiors like this and get yourself worked up into a raging, jealous tizzy?

These photographs are all part of the talented Melanie Acevedo's portfolio. I came across them while doing a photographer search at work. Needless to say, my productivity level went way down when I started poking around the "interiors" section of her site.

Here are my faves:

interior design blog | Melanie Acevedo 1

Well, where do I start? I would frickin' love to have a fireplace. Whenever we are at my parents' cabin, I park my fanny smackdad in front of the roaring fire and I don't move for the entire weekend. I love the high ceilings, the abundant amount of rustic wood and I'm a sucker for fuzzy plush rugs. Oh, and hey, little doggie? You're coming with me.

interior design blog | Melanie Acevedo 2

I have had my eye on this bedding for as long as it has existed. The floor-to-ceiling drapery makes this space feel so cozy and private. Mix in a flood of natural light and you've got yourself perfection.

interior design blog | Melanie Acevedo 3

Wheeeeere is that pendant light from!? I love it! I love how sloppy and lived-in this little space is. Even the little rope tie on the windows is cute.

interior design blog | Melanie Acevedo 5

I am trying to figure out what the material is on the wall... it almost looks like a burlap-type canvas which, mixed with the wooden headboard, is a brilliant combo. I like how this room feels feminine yet burly and rustic at the same time.

interior design blog | Melanie Acevedo 6
Remember my imaginary lake-house?That's where this photo was taken.