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Pretty Pins : Goodbye NYC

carla fahden

Today is my last day in NYC for a whopping five months. My due date and maternity leave are quickly approaching which means no more werk travel for mama (don't worry, I won't refer to myself in the third person as 'mama' once I actually am one).

For those who don't know, I'm in NYC almost a week of every month art directing photo shoots for werk. Every trip, I travel with the same one or two co-workers and almost always work with the same crew (photographer, hair, makeup, stylist, set designer, etc) in the same studio. New York has become my home away from home over the past couple years and these people have become my family. Cue the tears.

This is a bittersweet time for me. The term bittersweet kinda makes me gag, but it is very true in this sitch so I'm gonna use it.

Yes, I am happy that I no longer need to live out of a suitcase, deal with dirty airplanes and taxis or eat on-set catering and room service for almost every meal (you'd be surprised how bad you miss a simple frozen cheese pizza after a week away). I also won't miss the airport security pat-downs where the creep TSA lady tells me she is now going to use a swooping motion with the backside of her hand to pat down the underside of my breasts. BUT... I will definitely miss the cute grandpa in the navy blue vest that mans the airport security line entrance every Monday morning. And I'll miss picking up the same order from Surdyk's before boarding each flight. And being able to read US Weekly uninterrupted during takeoff. And bypassing the general public lines because I have frequent flyer status (humble brag). And I'll fer sure miss the fun dinners, laughs and endless visits to the Comedy Cellar with my

werk friends (especially when mama wasn't prego and could put back a couple vodka sodas).

Of course, I am looking forward to having five quality months at home with Jack, the pups, the new baby and my friends and family. I don't think there has been a five month stretch of time in my entire 10+ year career that I have not had to fly somewhere for work. So I can't wait for the endless summer and fall weekends not spent packing or flying. I'm also looking forward to not having the stress and long hours that work travel brings. BUT… for as obsessed with my job as I am and for as much as I love getting to be involved in photo shoots, I know that it is going to be really hard for me to take this long of a break from the funnest part of being an art director. And man, I am going to miss the insanely talented and inspiring group of peeps that I get to work with out here. I see them more than I see my best friends or my family so I feel very fortunate to GENUINELY like and have become friends with each and every one of them (because let's be honest, I struggle with opening up and "bonding" with just anyone). I will miss them all dearly.

K. Enough rambling. It's time to get out of my posh white robe and take one last rain shower at the Trump Soho. So... until Fall, goodbye New York. You crazy, dirty, wonderful place.

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