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make it yer own, yo!

carla fahden

Success, bitches! Up early twice in one week! Thursdays we always get woken up earlz by the garbage man. When you live out in the boondocks, you pay for private garbage pick up. We have a real long gravel driveway (which I'm sure I've mentioned before because I'm obsessed with it) so we can't see or hear the road from our house (seriously, the tits). Therefore anytime a car/truck comes near, Fern goes apeshit and … there you go, we wake up early on Thursdays.

Last night I got drinkie poos with some coworkers. We were gabbing about Nate Berkus for a while because our company recently did a photoshoot with him for his line at Target (check it!). His approach to style and decorating is a good one. Only buy things that have meaning to you. Don't just copy what you see in photos, or buy crap because it's on clearance… tisk tisk. Buy it because YOU like it.

Relatedly, I realized not too long ago that the spaces I gravitate towards are always ones that look real. They don't look like they could ever live in a catalogue and they don't look like something you could replicate even if you tried your damnedest. Screw matching throw pillows and the on-trend paint colors... if you like a creepy clown cookie jar that you see at a garage sale, buy that shit and own it! Look at the gaudy angel painting in pic #2 below... I'd never buy something like that but it totally works in that room because it's unique and probably means something to that family.

Here are some purdy places that really look one of a kind to me. The last photo makes me wanna take up sewing, so cute!

images via batixa