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*pretty in pink*

carla fahden

I reeeeeeeally really really want to paint our den/home office pale pale PALE pink. Then I would add a big honkin' wood desk, a distressed leather club chair and our big graphic navy blue rug. That doesn't sound too girly, does it? I think it would be quite preppy and classic. I told Jack this plan and his response was "no way" (only there was another word inserted between "no" and "way"). I tried telling him it could be "Fern's room" but he didn't budge.

So now I have made it my mission to find an example of a gender-neutral pink room. I will admit that the examples I've come up with so far (below) are still girly. But I really love them and am hoping that by sharing them, one of you gals out there (or very feminine dudes) will get inspired and deck out one of your rooms in pink.

God, I LOVE the sofa in the second pic. *sigh*

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via My Home Ideas

interior design blog | pink rooms2
Photographed by Andrew Boyd

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My Home Ideas

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