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BOOM shaka laka. I am HOME, biatches!

So I landed Saturday afternoon and took a cab home (dear God, don't even get me started on how much I ADORED the driver). The further west we headed on 394/12, the greener and lusher (c'm on, spellcheck, 'lusher' is a word) it got. I can't believe how in just one week, our lot is SO much more grown in than when I left. You look out the window and it's just green green GREEN everywhere! I feel like I'm at my parents' cabin and am loving it.

Probably one of our last priorities right now is our big beautiful (empty) three season porch. It was added right before we bought the home and has really high vaulted ceilings and three walls of pure windows. Eventually we wanna have a game table out there, a little sitting area with a TV and a vintage foosball table (Jack's parents have an awesome bonzini table we've been eyeing up). I can't wait for the day when we can lounge around in that great big room with friends, sucking down vodka sodas, surrounded by a gazillion trees and enjoying cross breezes up the wazoo.

Check out these beautiful porchy-outdoor-type spaces I found on Lonny... Oh golly, I am so excited about this post that I forgot to mention how I'm sicker than a dog right now with a brutal cold and want to cut my head off and kick it into the lake so you should all feel really bad for me. So, uh, Happy Monday!

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