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carla fahden

In keeping with the Valentine's Day theme, I decided to do a post about my current favorite color: tomato red. Tomato red is not to be confused with cranberry red or any sort of bluish-red. No, I like my red with a hint of orange, thank you. One of my upcoming projects is to paint our teeny tiny hallway this color and I can't wait to have a bright, somewhat-shocking pop of color on our main floor.

This batch of interiors is by the talented Betsy Burnham.She has done such a great job of using a flashy color in a very classy way.
pops of red6
Gah. This is so cute!

The coverlet on the bed matches the box on the nightstand which matches the reds in the art which matches Pooh Bear's sweater on the pillow. Yet it doesn't look matchy-matchy. Seeing that cute pillow makes me want to plop my own teddy bear (Boo) on our guest bed. But first my mom will have to sew his nose back on because Fern chewed it off.

pops of red4
That tub is divine. I love the rug and would never think to put it in a bathroom. The squatty little stool is perfection.

pops of red3
Loving the crazy painted navy blue dresser. And what better accent color to pair it with than tomato red.

pops of red
I want that ikat sofa, stat. And the cute little owl. And the earthy pendant light. What a fun sunroom to curl up and read Us Weekly in.

pops of red5

This is definitely more than a "pop" of red but I still like it. There are a lot of colors going on here: the black and white rug, the oversized navy blue vase, and the brown patterned desk chair. But somehow the overwhelming amount of red actually pulls it all together. I would never in a million years attempt to mix all of those patterns and colors but she totally nailed it.