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plans, plans, plans

carla fahden

I had thought we'd be able to move in and take our sweet ol' time getting this remodel going. WRONG! I did NOT realize how utterly old and gross the main floor bathroom is.

(Backing up a step, we're currently living on the main floor since the entire upstairs will be gutted and remodeled (combining two rooms into a master suite, adding a master bath, walk-in closet, new floors, new crown, trim, etc). The main floor is quite livable and large except for the bathroom. OLD tile, NASTY walls, a shower that belongs at summer camp and a toilet that... ICK, I can't even think about it!)

Okay, so yeah. I am no longer taking my sweet ol' time picking out materials (our builder is literally just waiting for us/me to decide on tile, fixtures, etc). I am in full-on-high-speed-don't-bother-me-with-nuthin'-else DECISION MODE! Since we've got two bathrooms to design, I'm pulling as much bathroom inspiration as possible right now. We want it to feel timeless and charming (our house is 92 years old!) yet updated and clean and modern too.

On a total side note: last night while Jack was at bowling, I was sitting by the fire perusing the net. I heard a beep beep beep and realized the carbon monoxide detector was going off. After a few phone calls, they decided to send out the fire truck to take a look-see. The detector ended up being old as shit, so there was no cause for concern. As they were leaving they told me to get a new device and "just chuck that one in the woods". I love living out here!

Here are some fun bathrooms with lots-o-charm. I am loving the floor tile in #3.

interior design by antonia thompson

interior design by cath kidston

interior design by kelly wearstler

interior design by christina murphy

interior design by caroline robert