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patty's pretties

carla fahden

Why are you reading Color Me Carla and not out at an Irish pub pounding cold ones!? While I wish I was out at the bar right now, I thought celebrating with a blog post would be the more responsible thing to do (yawn).

I recently discovered that you can find great vintage map reproductions at the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery. You can order them matted and framed in a variety of sizes (for a pretty penny). I love the unique color combos in this map of Ireland. Incase you just fell off a turnip truck and missed my post

on maps, I am obsessed with vintage maps.

Here are some other green goodies to add a little Irish flair to your pad!
patty's pretties

Map of Ireland, Truro Bowls, Olive Blossom & Laurel Soap, Knitted Cylinder Coral, Work Lamp, Molded Plastic Side Chair, Snakegrass with Whites, Mercury Glass Melon Knob, Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow (pretend it's Irish)

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