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a new pattern

carla fahden

People of the Earth! It's official. I took a whopping week off of werk in September to spend some time maxin' and relaxin' by my little ol' self.

I have nothing on the agenda other than to go for a run every morning, make good food for Jack and I and do creative stuff. Like, turn off the computer and do some hands-on kinda shit. Get my paints and brushes out and make something pretty. Hell, maybe I'll even wear my overalls.

A little known (and VERY juicy) fact about

me is that I like to peruse the internets and mix and match patterns. I do this when I wanna zone out and decompress. If people bother me while I'm in this decompression mode I usually politely say SCRAM, BITCH! Maybe on my week off I'll make my own pretty patterns. Yeah that sounds alllright to me, a paint brush in one hand, a turkey sammy

in the other and Fern and Rosy at my feet... sweet Jesus, it's gonna be the tits!

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