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patio paradise

carla fahden

You know what I wish? I wish someone would come over with a truckload of goodies for our patio, plop them down, and then landscape the shit out of our backyard.

This will be our third summer in our house and I am determined to make some progress on the yard. I have not gotten very far the past two springs because I got fed up with having dirty fingernails, frizzy hair and a sore back. Yard work is hard! Beyond the plants and bushes and whatnot, I would love to add to our basic patio set. A bright floral umbrella, a couple of colorful pots and a lantern or two would really make a difference.

Maybe after I do some planting and de-weeding, I will reward myself with a couple of these pretty things.
garden stuff
Moroccan Jewel Hurricane, Tykho Radio White, Marimekko Spinning Umbrella Cover, John Reeves Design Cast Aluminum Bench, Red Basket with Linen Lining, Ginkgo Tree To Be Kit, Foldaway Green Dining Table

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