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Pajama Party

carla fahden

Let's be real, when it comes time to hit the hay, I sleep in a grey or blue t-shirt and my skivvies every night. I have multiple copies of the same t-shirt I love it so much.

Imaginary Carla, however, wears perfectly coordinated beautiful prints in only the finest fabrics available. She has no problem wearing crisp white pajamas either because she never EVER lets her dirty goldendoodles in the bed or spills coffee on herself (actually she doesn't even drink coffee, she prefers tea, thank you very much). Imaginary Carla wakes up with breath smelling of lilacs, perfectly tousled, camera-ready hair and has absolutely no problem leaping out of bed with ease every morning to do her stretches even though she's seven months prego.

What's more, Imaginary Carla is gracing us with her presence today and put together a mix of her favorite duds for bedtime! Enjoy, pop-parts, and have yerself a happy humpday!


1) watercolor print pj cami 2) hooded alpaca-blend robe 3) greenwich suede slippers 4) marina pajama shirt 5) bloomers 6) scalloped pajama short set