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carla fahden

Whewie! I've

been devoting every spare second I have to getting our yard in presentable shape for summer, so I'm behind on blogging... sorry, my pretties.

Today I ordered new

chairs for our dining room and I can not wait 'til they arrive! I had been searching and searching for MONTHS and ended up finding the winning chairs (pictured below) on a very unexpected site. If you think Overstock is just full of gaudy gold jewelry and plus-size pantyhose, think again, bitches!

Overstock has a surprisingly large amount of good finds at very reasonable prices. The only downside is that things tend to sell out kinda fast. I was planning on ordering a console table for our guest room but was too late. Here are some other items on my wish list that I hope I don't miss out on...

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Hand-woven Laredo Buff Wool Rug, Ceramic Retro Bowls, Oval Porcelain Vase, White Accent Chair,Natural Stone Lamp