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Our House : Living Room

carla fahden


WORLD! Just when you thought I had turned into a frazzled new mom that spends her spare time changing diapers, scrubbing muddy paw prints out of the carpet and basically doing anything OTHER than decorating, I got up at 5am (thanks to Fern licking herself on the bed) to post these photos and announce our living room is DUNZO. To say this room didn't take long to complete is like saying Bruce Jenner isn't transitioning into a woman. It has been almost four years since we moved into our house and while this room wasn't necessarily empty that whole time, it certainly didn't look like this.

I knew when we bought this joint that decorating it was going to be a labor of love. I love our house so much that I want to live here forever. Like, until I die. This means we will need to get one of those motorized chair things to transport me up and down our steep, narrow, not-up-to-code staircase and I'm okay with that. So with that in mind, I've been trying to let each room come together over time (I mean, you don't just collect an 8" stack of J Crew catalogues for the side table overnight) vs. racing out to West Elm to load up on stuff I'd probably get sick of.

This is the first room you see when you walk in our house. It's also kind of connected to the kitchen so when peeps come over, this is where we hang. Or at least this is where I will now force us to hang and sit our asses in the custom upholstered wing backs that I waited like five months for. Doing like I do, I had been collecting inspiration since we put an offer down. I wanted this space (and the rest of our house) to feel collected and homey and represent US (Jack, Woody, Fern, Rosy and the voices in my head that told me to mix an embroidered Mexican throw pillow with a buffalo plaid throw blanket). Below are photos of how everything turned out. And while I don't wanna sound like a Bragging Bonnie, I do have to say I'm proud of how it finally came together.

For more house pics, click here.

P.S. A shout out to my mom who made the quilt / wall hanging.  :)