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an orono state of mind

carla fahden

Shame on me! Here I am in one of my favoritist cities in all the land (NYC) and all I can think about is how much fun Jack and I are going to have this weekend moving into our finished house out in the country! YES that's right, it's actually done! I've asked Jack not to send me any photos so it's gonna be one helluva reveal when I get back.

Now that all of the construction is finally finished, I can stop focusing on picking out floor stain, trim, doors, windows etc and move on to fun stuff like furniture and accessories - booyaaa!

It's going to take us for-eva' to fill each room, but we'll get there. I'm looking forward to taking our time and only buying things we really, really love. Below are some finds I've had my eye on, all within the palette we are going for - neutral yet textured and interesting. I'm obsessed with the stork wallpaper - it may be going on the really tall wall in our front entry to greet all our house guests.


1) chelsea wall sconce 2) laguna wallpaper 3) octagonal mirror 4) petite magnifiers 5) vintage parsons chair