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organized digs

carla fahden

Whoaaa, Nelly. We did some major damage in the packing department this weekend. Other than a few dishes in the kitchen, our first floor is pretty much boxed up. The basement and the upstairs are both total d-zones and it's gonna make-ah me crazy to live like this for the next two weeks. Two weeks! Two weeks! We move out to the country in two weeks!

I was bopping around the internets this morning checking out some of my favorite blogs and felt an immediate rush of envy come over me when I found this batch of photos on Interiors Porn (hee hee, I said "porn"). What I love about these spaces is that each one looks so calm and lived in and pretty and cohesive and... EVERYTHING IS IN IT'S PLACE!

Ohhh for an OCD freak like myself, it's gonna be a real struggle to live in this land of boxed up chaos for the next couple weeks. So I hope you're ready to hear about it and look at lots of neatly organized interiors in the meantime to help me

keep my sanity.

via interiors porn