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oh, for pretty

carla fahden

We've got one helluva morning going on here at the Fahden household. The pest control guy is here, the water filtration system guy is about to show up and Rosy is trotting around taking random items (scarves, shoes, oven mitts) out of boxes and leaving them wherever she pleases. It feels like a scene out of Mr. Mom (one of the best movies of all time).

Hold the muther f-ing phone. Did I just say PEST CONTROL GUY?! ICK. Yes, we've been advised to have this preventative service as the previous owners apparently had a couple mice in the basement. MICE! EEEK.

So while the kind fella sprays for spiders and sets out bait trap contraption thingys, I'll be over here, sitting at my 'puter, thinking about

pretty, non-rodent-related things.

1) pink and orange pillow 2) flower market plate 3) hand cream 4) gloria's garden rug 5) isha table lamp