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oh, hi

carla fahden

Is anybody out there? *tap tap*... Is this thing on?

Sooo like, uh how's your summer going and stuff? Jack and I have been bizzy doing the cabin thang with friends + fam, traveling for werk and hacking away at our gnarly yard (actually Jack does that last part while I sit inside the air conditioned house watching The Bachelorette).

So don't shoot me but I'm kind of excited for Fall and all of the warm wooly threads that come with it. Below are some pieces on my wish list that I wouldn't mind bopping down the street in while eating a caramel apple. Hey Minnesota Powerball winner, are you reading this?

Anyhoo, what do you think the over-under is on how many months it will take me to post again? Stay tuned and maybe I'll surprise your ass!

Peace, homies.

1) fairends flannel baseball hat 2) rider bag 3) thalia check dress 4) chunky geelong pullover 5) felix stacked heel bootie