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office space

carla fahden

It hit me recently how little I like my work office. I have a great view and it's nice and big... but as far as the decor, it's just a hodge podge: I've got a bunch of random freebies from reps, an old red lamp and a dead plant. We are allowed to paint the walls but for some reason I've stuck with boring beige. Barf. For as much time as I spend there, it would be nice to spruce

it up a little and make it feel more "me."

Now, realistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that I will actually execute this plan. I'd way rather spend the money on our home or new clothes. But if I were to pony up some money for my workspace, here are some things I'd get.

office finds
Wood Wall Clock, Pantone Metal Storage Box, Benjamin Moore Paint - Galveston, Colored Pencil Set, Sheepskin Rug, Wrap Office Chair, 3D Puzzle Giraffe, Vintage Eyeball Desk Lamp,Areaware Tape Dispenser,Synchronicity Can