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off i go

carla fahden

Word up, homies. Today I am off to the BIg Apple for a werk trip. We'll be shooting some apparel work for Target Holiday 2012. My days will be filled styling pritty models in sweaters and booties and knit hats... fun stuff, let me tell you! And being in NYC is always an added bonus so I am excited for the trip.

The only downer (waah waaaah), is that our house is SERIOUSLY almost done. No, for realz this time. There has been so much progress the last couple days and it's a bummer I'm going to be gone when it is OFFICIALLY completed. But I s'pose it will be that much more fun when I return home to Jack and the pups next weekend and we can MOVE THE FUCK INTO OUR NEW HOUSE! Yeah!

A lot of you have emailed asking for "before" pics - or pics of what this process looks like along the way. While I can't bring myself to put anything ugly on my bloggie poo, I do want you guys to see what it's really been like living like this. Here are some photos I snapped yesterday to give you an idear: one, two, three. Tee hee. That last one was just a dude I saw at the salon getting a pedicure.

Alright! So now you know where I am headed today and you've see photos of the shit hole we've lived in for the past four months... let's look at something pretty!

Sometimes I find a photo and it just grabs me. Like really hard. And it hangs on tight and drags behind me everywhere I go. And whenever I stare into space and daydream, it wiggles around and sings this cute song that goes "look at me! remember me?". Below are a few photos that have been grabbin' at me lately. They all feel so rustic and lived-in and serene, eh?

via flickr

via fem home

via simply grove

via blood and champagne

via la dolce vita