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obsession : steven alan

carla fahden

I have a maaaaaaaaaajor obsesh with Steven Alan. I recently bopped into the Chelsea store last time we were shooting in NYC and squealed with delight when I found the Ulca Pocket Cardigan (below) I had been coveting for weeks (proof: it was on my Pinterest board) was on major sale. It has brown leather buttons, brown leather elbow patches, is navy blue and is the kind of sweater that I connect with on a deeper level (it feels the same way about me).

Steven Alan kicks ass at curating seemingly random brands (Isabel Marant, New Balance, Filson) into a perfect mix that is preppy and classic yet clean and modern too. I also love that in addition to cute threads, you can find plaid wool blankets, dog collars, candles, art books and more. A word to the wise: if you see something you like, snatch that shit up because most of the stuff I pin from the website is G-O-N-E by the time I have saved up and wanna make the purchase.

One last fun fact about Stevan Alan: one of my favorite photographers to work with (and fellow Felicity addict), Anna Wolf shoots all of the lookbooks. Anna, if you are reading this will you gank me some samples from your next shoot? Thanks toots!

danielle jumpsuit, navy watch wax collar, ucla pocket cardigan, rita dress, alma dress, ipad case, blue throw