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nifty noots (neutrals)

carla fahden

Here I am! I finally dug myself out from the layers of dust and made my way to my happy place (blogging on my 4' iMac).

This past week has just been cray cray. Every morning I wake up early with the intent to blog, but get side tracked when our builder gets here. We have to pick out balusters, stain color (Jacobean!) for the floors, hardware for the windows, placement of wall sconces, on and on and on and on...

A quick recap of this week:

1. Our old clawfoot tub was refinished and it looks tiiiight! I can't wait to take a relaxing soak in it when all this chaos is over.
2. I ordered a fabulous distressed leather chair for our family room from OKL (see below).
3. Our bathroom vanity arrived and looks even more rustic and beautiful than I was expecting.

I got carded when we were out for beers at the local watering hole. I know what you're thinking, probably some suave male server who knows that carding a broad will make her like him and tip more. NOT the case. I was carded by a very non-lesbianish chick, thank you very much.
5. Fern and Rosy got their summer 'dos. They look adorable and skinny and ready to head up north to swim in my parents' lake all weekend!

Things really are starting to come together here, though.

I've been holding off on decorating plans until the walls/trim/windows/doors are all finished and we can get a better feel for the space. But we do know that we wanna use lots of warm textures (flannel, leather, wood) and lots of neutrals. Here's a sampling of the look we're going for in our family room (including the said chair I purchased earlier this week).

Now if you don't mind, we're gonna hit the road for a weekend-o-fun at my parents' in Sconie. Have a great long weekend, yo!

1) metallic middle pillow 2) square layers pillow 3) john dioxin side table 4) black/white lumberjack plaid flannel 5) marilyn club chair 6) quatrefoil window panels (will someone please buy these for me!?)