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neutral heaven

carla fahden

Good morning from LA, where this sleepyhead is getting ready for Day 4 of shooting some Spring work for Target. While I love coming out here for work, I absolutely positively could never ever live here. The traffic, the smog and the fake boobs make-ah me want to crawl into a dark hole and hide. How would the dark hole be decorated, you ask? Well with the calming mix of neutrals below, silly!

At the end of a long shoot day, I would love to plop down on this posh leather chair with the soft vintage rug beneath my feet. Then I would ask the creepy wood head to grant me one wish: that Jack and Fernie could be beside me so I didn't get so homesick. Oh, and that just ONCE on one of my trips out here I could have a Larry David sighting.

Enjoy this muted mix of goodies below. Happy Thursday!
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Vintage Moroccan Rug, Diesel Rock Pendant, Dotted Trellis Azure Pillow, Wooden Mannequin, Hans Chair