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my happy place

carla fahden

I'm getting back into my old groove after being away for ten days. One thing that I greatly missed is spending time in my home office/studio. A couple of months ago Jack and I decided that we would turn one of the bedrooms on the first floor into a space where I could do my thang (this includes pinning up inspiration, werking on my huge-ass iMac, organizing the shit outta my art supplies and taking breaks to cuddle on the floor with Fern). And since Jack needs his space too, we converted a little halfy-room upstairs into an office space for him. He's bigger so he gets the smaller office. Makes perfect sense.

So here I am, perched in my white leather swivel chair, coffee in hand, space heater blasting, back in my happy place. I thought I'd share some photos of where I spend my oh-so-precious blogging time. Happy Hump Day!

office and studio decor5
custom bed from Bow Wow Beds (great gift!)

office and studio decor2
desk from Nadeau in Minneapolis
swivel chair from Overstock

office and studio decor3
pouf from Urban Outfitters

office and studio decor4
chair, table, cow head + plant from Hunt & Gather (my other happy place)

office and studio decor
vintage stapler and tape dispenser from Etsy