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monday moodboard

carla fahden

Happy Monday, rockstars. Do you like my lazy title for this post?

If you woke up this morning itching to feast your eyes on some decorative boxes, a badass doorstop and a cozy rug you've probably seen posted on this blog no less than 6 times, you're in luck my little boopsie butts!

I have not posted about house stuff in a long time. This is because since our remodel last summer, things have been slow moving. Jack's dad politely said he "likes the minimal look" when he visited last. Sadly, that is not what we are going for. I want this bad boy packed to the max with layers upon layers of rugs, pillows, art, blankets, table lamps, floor lamps, armchairs, knick KNACKS, DOO DADS, AS@#^&QDJasdaASD$$KDJASKDJkj.... WAAAAAHHH!

The one wee development we have at the moment is that we're having our big square tufted ottoman (which serves as our coffee table) reupholstered in a distressed leather cowhide. Last week I drove my ass to a store in the boondocks to sift through hundreds of hides and scored the perfect piece. A fellow customer (with no teeth) told me to expect to pay "A LOT" for the hide I chose. It was $99. True story.

Mmmk. Among the nifty noots* on my never-ending wish list, here are some that especially tickle my fancy.


*noots = neutrals

1) skull rabbit pillow 2) cast copper-plated brogue doorstop 3) crosby armchair 4) decorative boxes 5) flokati diamonds rug 6) amana blanket