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moms are the best...

carla fahden

... aren't they?

I'm so excited because my mom is coming to visit today! She's going to help us unpack, clean and get this

house in livable order and we are so grateful for her help. Moms just have the magic touch, you know?

Other fun things we will do include sipping cocktails on our new deck while watching Fern and Rosy romp in the woods, sipping cocktails on the three season porch while Jack grills us some good eats and sipping cocktails at one of the local haunts in our new hood. I also can't forget to mention that my magic sista', KK, will be lending a hand as well (Katy, you'll be on toilet scrubbing duty... tee hee).

Now if only we had a proper set up for my mom to kick up her feet and relax at the end of the day. Instead she'll be camping out amongst the mess. Next time she visits I hope to have a proper guest room up and running... I've

got my eye on these cozy goods below. Have a good weekend, pretties!

cozy rustic home decor, rustic lighting
1) benzy bedding 2) perla pillow 3) tribal rug 4) haley table lamp 5) cocktail ottoman 6) pretty plant