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'Member Me Monday

carla fahden

"'Member me Monday" is a term Kourtney Kardashian coined on last night's episode of KUWTK. It's like "Throwback Thursday" except for Mondays (try and keep up, people).

So, what do I want to remember today?

How about how when I was little and every single morning as soon as I woke up I would yell (and I mean YELL) "Mom, good morning!!! I'm ready to get up!!!!". Except each word was dragged out to like three syllables. Some mornings, like today, that line still pops in my head when I wake up and I wish she would come and get me out of bed and make me a bowl of Lucky Charms. Actually we were only allowed to have Lucky Charms (or any sugar cereal) on our birthdays.

I would also like to remember the kick-ass penny loafers, wool sweaters and plaid everything that my mom wore throughout the '80s which still influences my own style today. When I discovered Mayflower Supply a while back, I just about weed my skinny jeans. Mayflower Supply is a collection of vintage goodies from timeless brands like LL Bean and Pendleton. Everything from their curated collection of clothing to their art direction and photography is just the tits, if you ask me. I would happily sport any one of these looks and go for a picnic with my grandpa's plaid thermos and one of these iconic striped blankies.

Whew! Are we having a great 'Member me Monday or what!?





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