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for my main squeeze

carla fahden

Hooray! Today is our three year wedding anniversary! AND we got a pretty snowfall last night just like the night before our wedding! Okay, enough with the exclamation points!

I am one lucky broad, I tell ya. Jack is the best hubby in so many ways. He is kind, honest, funny, sensitive and romantic (don't let his friends hear that) and to top it off he has a beard. I can't believe three years have gone by since our wonderful winter wedding (to check out pics of said wedding, click here).

Here are some goodies I picked out that I know Jack would love. He definitely has great taste and an eye for beautiful things (I mean, have you seen me? KIDDING). Happy anniversary to my bestie!

mid-century modern home decor
1) veil bolster 2) russet euro 3) noir pendant light 4) eames lounge chair 5) grove console table 6) case study cylinder plant pot