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Magic Carpet Ride

carla fahden

Rugs, not hugs. That's the theme for today, folks. I have never been much of a hugger and now that I have weird blobby belly/SUPPOSEDLY-still-shrinking-on-its-own-postpartum uterus (that's the technical term), I am even less of one.

2 dogs + hardwood floors = massive need for rugs. I have a hard time finding rugs I like. The affordable ones are either super boring or have trendy chevron-y patterns. And the unique ones are all like $10,000. And I feel like the shaggy/sheepskin ones aren't very practical. I had invested in a spendy wool one a while ago and was constantly digging matted dust bunnies and crumbs and crap out of it.

The few rugs we have in our house so far have been purchased from one of two places. One Kings Lane has great large rugs at good prices, but you gotta be ready to drop some coin on a whim since they are only available for a couple of days. And I've also purchased some vintage orientals from an eccentric dude/rug dealer who lives in St. Paul and has a garage chock-full of beauts from around the world. I am always looking for new sources, so if you have any good ones, holla at me!

Below is a mix of rugs that, regardless of price, would look stellar on our first level. I love the idea of mixing some simpler ones with some snazzy fancy ones. Perhaps by the time little Woody is mobile, we'll have acquired a couple of these bad boys.

lockwise from top left : vintage swedish rug, mansour rug, steven alan speckled rug, pencil stripe rug, kasbah wool rug, ibiza shag rug