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lions + tigers + gazelles OH MY!

carla fahden

Whoa Nellie! I have been searching for unique wall decor for our living room and stumbled across this amazing piece from Anthropologie. It is a gazelle made from recycled cement bags and vintage book paper. I live for this kind of stuff!

Savannah Story Busy

First off, when it comes to home accessories, anything involving an animal will get my attention. Second, I love the homemade organic look and feel of it. And third, since we don't have anything three dimensional in our living room yet, this is a MUST HAVE, There are a couple of other animals for purchase too (giraffe, elephant, rhino), but this little guy is my favorite. Our house has a lot of animal-inspired art and accessories (and I'm not talking about cheesy zebra rugs). In moderation, I think they can be super charming and unique. Here are some fun finds I've stumbled across recently.


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