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light me up

carla fahden

For as much time as I spend looking at pendant lighting, I should really do more posts about it. Swapping out your Home Depot factory finish generic light fixture with something unique and precious is one of the easiest ways to add style to a room. I love the look of a really low hung chandelier or pendant light over a dining table or a cluster of smaller pendants in a hallway or small entry. One thing that is a MUST when it comes to ceiling lighting of ANY kind is having a dimmer! I can't stand super bright lights that expose every dust bunny and imperfection in my paint job so Jack has graciously installed dimmers on every single light in our house. And now he gets to do it all over at the next place!

Anyhoo, here's a random mix of some pendants I've got my eye on. I'm 99% sure that the perfect little Tom Dixon gold number (#4) is gonna go in our new living room. I am picturing a cluster of three hanging dead center above the coffee table/seating area.


1) bangle collection 12" wide pendant chandelier 2) pressed glass pendant 3) french porcelaingraniteware style lamps

4) bronze copper shade 5) bamboo circle tiered 20" wide pendant chandelier 6) harlequin pendant 7) porcelain pendant light